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Since ancient times, the history of this place has been deeply intertwined with the olive tree and its precious fruits. Here, where the winners of the Olympic Games were anointed with a branch of wild olive, the "kotinos". Hippocrates praised olive oil as the 'perfect healing agent' and Homer, in his poetry, likened it to 'liquid gold'. The intense personality and noble characteristics of good Greek olive oil have made it a protagonist of Greek and international cuisine.

The path of the olive

Our olive oil is produced from our own olive groves. We make sure you have a treasure on your table!

Pruning & Cleaning with love
Harvesting of the olive crop
Cold pressed
Storage & "rest"
On our table

Our olive groves are located in the prefecture of Laconia in the Peloponnese. We are a family business.

Our passion

Olive oil is our passion

We love what we do and highly appreciate the incomparable nature of Lakonia with all its intensive raw materials.

Our olive trees are naturally grown and harvested only by hand.

We enjoy combining the knowledge and traditions of our ancestors with the modern ideas of our generation in order to gain the best quality olive oil possible. Always with deep respect for our environment and the people.


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    Our Customers Love Us

    The reason we strive for a truly pure and quality olive oil is all of you!

    The best olive oil!

    We are thankful for you all and for the nice and healthy olive oil. We use it for our cooking and salads!

    Brindly from DENMARK

    Your olive oil is very tasty.

    I opened the olive oil yesterday. It is wonderful! Thank you so much! Greetings from Vienna.

    Ricarda from AUSTRIA

    Tasty, quality oil.

    Apirooil is the best olive oil I have ever tried. After many years, I finally found "my" olive oil.

    Udo from GERMANY