Our roots

Our family tradition "counts" already four generations. It is 1850, our mother's family lives in Sina, a small village at the foot of Mount Taygetos. In those distant times, olive oil was produced in the family's olive press, which was located in the basement of the house. Olive oil was used in cooking, skin care, medical remedies and for making soap. In many cases, it was also a medium for bartering agreements: 'I give you oil, you give me eggs'.


The beginning of our story

In the early 20th century, our mother’s grandfather was the first in the family who used to sell oil to a merchant who travelled through the villages buying oil from all the small farmers he could find in order to sell it abroad. The story of our very own farm begins in 1987, when our parents got married. According to tradition, a dowry was given by the bride’s father, our grandfather Vasilis.


The Family

The dowry consisted of 15 acres of land containing olive trees. And that is just the beginning… Since then our parents have increased the area of the land to 100 acres with three varieties of olives: Koroneiki and wild olives for the production of olive oil and Kalamon to be prepared as table olives. My sisters and I grew up with the work for the trees and you can say it is in our DNA to care for them as well.



Now is the time to begin a new chapter. My sister Marina and I want to combine the knowledge of our family's traditional handicraft with a more modern style but never loosing the love we feel for our trees and our olive oil.


Our identity

To always remind us how our ancestors harvested and processed the olives, there is a small "museum" in our apartment complex in Mavrovouni Beach with the old machines and oil mills from the 19th century.

According to Greek mythology, it was the goddess Athena who gave the Athenians an olive tree. King Kekropas, half man and half snake, was the king of Kekropia. The city grew and prospered and attracted the envy of the gods of Olympus as the inhabitants of the city never paid them any tribute. They decided, therefore, to name the city after an Olympian and appoint a patron god.
The most persistent contenders were two.
The goddess of wisdom, Athena, and the god of the seas, Poseidon.
The father of the gods, Zeus, wanting to solve the conflict, suggested to the two rivals to prepare a gift for the inhabitants of Kekropia that would have eternal value. He also ruled that King Kekropas and the citizens would be the ones to decide which offering was the best, in turn choosing the most worthy god as their patron. Poseidon offered the people a spring of water while Athena planted a seed in the ground, which grew into a beautiful, large, fruitful olive tree. This gift was chosen by the Athenians as it would provide them with food, olive oil and firewood. They unanimously hailed Athena as their patroness and she was given the eternal honor of naming the city.

“We love what we do, how we do it, and the people involved”


Our olive trees are grown naturally, without pesticides or other chemicals, and the precious fruits are harvested using traditional techniques. We combine tradition and modern know-how in such a way that we produce the best quality olive oil.

Always with deep respect for the environment and people. We put our passion and passion into practice. And this shapes our mission, vision and values!

The team

Hello! We are Marina and Michalis.

Marina Resbitha

Olive Oil Expert

Michalis - Marios Resbithas

Olive Oil Expert