From the olive tree to our table

In autumn, when most tourists have left, there is a relaxed tranquility over the hills of Gytheio and whoever wants to to get a taste of the olive harvest is welcomed with open arms.

In October, when the days get shorter and most tourists have left, we check on the olives as it is harvest time.

Nets are laid out widely under the trees so that none of the precious olives escape. They are collected by hand and brought directly to the press.

Every processing step is closely watched and we are tense and can hardly wait until the first golden-green drop of our liquid gold creeps into the barrel. This is the most exciting point of time during the harvest since it tells us whether or not the quality of our olives meets our own requirements, or if it is even better than the last season.

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Have you always wanted to experience an olive harvest?

Then come to us between the end of October and the end of January and stay at our apartment complex directly at Mavrovouni Beach, which is open all year round. Something many people do not know is that Mani offers its tourists a change from everyday life not only during the summer months.

Cyclists love the winding roads that lead you through small villages in the mountains around Gytheio.

Hikers also get their money's worth here, for example, they can hike in the Taygetos Mountains and climb the snow-covered, pyramid-shaped Profitis Ilias, which is the highest peak in the Peloponnese.

So if you also want to collect olives or visit a modern olive press do not hesitate to contact us at

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