Our mission

We want to offer the best quality to all of you who recognize the true value of olive oil, because a high quality olive oil is much more than a simple cooking ingredient. Extra virgin olive oil contributes to health in so many different ways and we want people to know that. At the same time, based on our philosophy, we fully respect biodiversity and the environment by applying good, environmentally friendly cultivation practices. We are also certified by AGROCERT - certification number POG/4006 - 28784.21 -.

“We love what we do, how we do it, and the people involved”

Marina R.

Our vission

Our vision is for our family business to become a leader in the production of extra virgin olive oil of very high quality, always with sustainable practices in our family organic olive grove, in the international market!

Our values

We continue to follow the traditions of our grandparents, combining them with modern techniques, always respecting people and the environment. It is of paramount importance for us to always be authentic and transparent to our customers and we always wish to offer the highest possible quality. No limits! That is Apirooil!

The olive harvest

From the olive tree to our table!


Marina's Recipes

Favorite traditional recipes with extra virgin olive oil Apirooil!